Loopy Line

Loopy Line


Our Loopy Line hanging is made with 100% wool. Natural wool is hand-looped on a bright striped warp to create layers of texture and color. Either side can be displayed as the face, each has a unique texture. This piece was woven by hand in our Portland, OR studio. 


Materials: Wool

Dimensions: 30" x 33"


Care Instructions: Keep out of direct sunlight to best preserve color. 


Hanging Instructions: Identify a height on your wall that is a half inch below where the top of the piece will hang. Nail a row of tacks or small nails in a line, the full width of the piece. Space these tacks 2" - 3" apart depending on your preference. Gently hang the tapestry from the tacks, a half inch below the top of the fabric. Secure the left and right bottom corners with a single tack each. Leave tassels to hang freely. 

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Photography: Ricardo Nagaoka