Undyed Field

Undyed Field


These wall hangings celebrate unspun roving, the raw material
used to spin yarn. Cleaned and combed down from sheep fleece, roving has a softness and volume unlike any other textile material. Our Puffs highlight roving as a beautiful material in its own right through a uniquely tactile collection of wall-hangings. A compliment to any color scheme, our un-dyed Puffs feel every bit as good as they look.


Materials: Wool

Dimensions: approximately 36" x 36"


Hanging Instructions: Comes mounted on dowel. Hang from two nails, one on each side of dowel. Alternately, attach string or cord to each side of the dowel and hang from the center of string. 


Photography: Kennett Mohrman 

Art Direction: Elizabeth Sonenfeld

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